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We are leading providers of topographical surveys. We provide state of the art topographical surveying techniques. From the very dedicated direct survey method, in which our personnel will survey the topography directly, to the more advanced, remote sensing and photogrammetric survey, we provide you with a comprehensive array of survey techniques to choose from. We have very experienced staff to carry out these surveys and can also boast of the latest technology, all that at the most efficient of the prices. We have an experience of surveying diverse topographies and hence, with the backing of the previous experience, we can tell you beforehand (and this to the advantage of the client, by minimising resource wastage), which project to go ahead with and which not to. So, if you wish to associate yourself with the leading topographical surveyors, the buck stops right here.


Valuation surveys can be broadly categorized into two distinct areas. First being before a business is established. Under this heading there are certain other sub heads like, building requirement; availability of finance especially availability of loans from banks. Market surveys in terms of supply of raw material and supply and sale of finished products. In nutshell the entire gamut of setting up a business is evaluated so that no setbacks are encountered while putting the business on rails. Availability of manpower, water, electric power and most important housing for the labour etc all will form part of the surveys.

The second aspect of valuation surveys is the actual valuation of a running business that is up for sale. This is further subdivided into valuation of fixed assets like building etc. Buildings do require repair and up gradation. Then the company may have movable assets like machinery, transport etc. Movable assets have very limited life and often require be changed. The current value of fixed assets and movable assets need to be worked out accurately so that the company is not made to overpay. The most important aspect is the valuation surveys of the financial stability of the company. Its profitability, goodwill in the market as this will determine whether the business is worth investing in or not.

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